jul 03

My Blog Now In English!

So I have a blog in my main language Swedish but i thought about it last evening when doing the side on facebook about my dog Evve that maybe it is time to start a blog in English for all my English readers? Said and done and now I have my Blog on English as well. Maybe this one will be more about just Evve and me while the Swedish one is more about my everyday life. I dno´t know yet and it will be fun to once again pick up my skills in writing English. I wrote alot before in role plays but in the later years I have not written as much as i should to keep the language flowing. so it will be abit of a fight getting back into that old flow where the words just came to me like they do in Swedish but I will get there 🙂

So enough about me, right? I mean ins´t it meant to be about me dog Evve 🙂 ins´t it why you are here? YES! Alright!

So my dog is a Schapendoes and in his pedigree his name is Chappers Cotton Eye Joe but I call him Evve. He is 3 going on 4 and is a lovely dog that has my heart in his paws. This Blog will be about our progress in our goals to take home some titles but also about our everyday life with friends and play!
If you want more pictures and such follow us on facebook as well! I will leave the link down below 🙂

My Dog Evves Own Facebookpage