jul 05


Today Nea and Balto arrives to Motala to be with me and Evve 😀 So if I don´t put in so much inputs here it is because I´m busy with me friend and her wonderful dog! I promise to write tonight and tell you all about it 🙂 In 20 minutes I have to be ready and sit in the car to drive to the train station and pick her up. Evve will be home during that time so when we come home here again we take a walk the first thing we do.

Tomorrow we are going to BBQ at my moms house and her dogs will meet Balto as well 🙂 More about that tomorrow when we come home. we have so much fun to do that I barely can wait! Don´t have so much time to write right now thats why this is so short but stay tuned for info during the day in due of time and a full story tonight! 😀